Fall Workshop Series -

somatic and restorative practices in yoga

October 22, November 12, December 17

Union Arts Center

Sparkill, NY

image by Sophie Fontaine

image by Sophie Fontaine

somatic and restorative practices in yoga - moving into rest

October 22, November 12, December 17

7-915pm — 40/workshop

Each evening will include gentle movement sequences to increase awareness, breath and balance in our bodies. We will explore what it means to approach yoga somatically - from the inside out. Every session will close with a restorative practice to deepen our ability to fully rest in our own skin.

The movement explorations in this series of workshops will build on one another; yet, each workshop can be taken individually. Open to ALL levels - beginners are welcome.

Advance registration is required - register online HERE

listening rooms


Gathering to listen.

To interviews, soundscapes, and audio installations in a range of environments, inside and out. Discussions and snacks tend to follow.

Curated by Gin MacCallum

Dates and Locations will be listed here, check back soon.

Questions? gin@magdalen.studio

speaking in circles - an experiment in local conversation


Gathering to speak.

We layer our thoughts against what others bring into the room - each of us beginning with "that reminds me of...." By the end of the evening, we have a spiral of stories, memories, and perspectives that reveal the range and the kindred-ness of those gathered. Modeled on Roadside Theater’s story circles, discussion and tea tend to follow.

Led by Gin MacCallum

Upcoming dates: TBA

Questions? gin@magdalen.studio /Cost:25