Gin has been teaching movement in various forms for more than 20 years.  She was an adjunct faculty member in the Dance Theater department at Rowan University, and has taught independently every place she’s lived.  The ground of her movement experience is dance and performance. Further understandings of imagination, movement and healing have since rooted her path. 

She earned her BFA in Dance and Choreography from Virginia Commonwealth University, and her M.A. in Dance/Movement Therapy from Drexel.  Her graduate thesis explored the capacity for transformation through perspectives in neuroscience, quantum physics, psychology, and movement therapy.  She continues to be drawn to revelations about brain, body and spirit.

As an artist, she was fortunate to create and perform her own work and the works of others (particularly Carol Brown, Subcircle, and Masaki Iwana) in non-traditional spaces in France, New York, London, Germany, Philadelphia, Prague, and New Zealand.  Much of the work was driven by intersecting media, and strongly linked to place.  Both leanings are still present.

She received her certification in Feldenkrais, the model of functional movement and self-awareness developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. And, this spurred further delving over the years into Body Mind Centering, Laban Analysis, massage, improvisation, NLP, Shambhala meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, breath work, western herbalism, biodynamic farming, and explorations of voice. 

In 2005, a child (her daughter) changed everything.  And, during this time, she found yoga. Her most influential first teacher was Kofi Busia, who introduced her to Iyengar yoga, and to a different kind of strength and steadiness in her body.

She completed her yoga training (200 RYT) at Birchwood Center with Betsy Ceva (NY).  Soon after, Gin traveled to Oakland, CA to study yoga and the pelvic floor with Leslie Howard; and, then to Portland, OR to learn the energetics of the pelvic floor with physical therapist, Tami Kent.  She studied Ayurveda through the AYS program at the Himalayan Institute. And, she received her Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga training with Jillian Pransky (NYC).  Restorative yoga focused her practice and teaching on the nervous system and the body’s self-healing capacities, and there it remains.

She recently completed a post graduate certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts, with Bessel Van der Kolk. She also received training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson, and continues to study Trauma Informed Yoga with Hala Khouri. Her slow yoga classes arose from these teachings, as has her interest in felt-sense alignment.  

Coursework in narrative medicine further informed her teaching about how our stories shape our health and our bodies. She is now working with ideas of the mythic imagination as described by Sharon Blackie (writer, psychologist, mythologist) in relation to land and body based on her recent time with Sharon in Ireland. She is also in the midst of an ongoing project intersecting oral history, public art, public land and community - set in motion by her training with Suzanne Snider. Other plans include deepening her skills around sound recording and more study and practice of yoga.